Bid Goodbye to Migraine With Headachefreeindia

Migraine is a painful headache which can occur repeatedly with the same or different symptoms. The symptoms can vary from person to person and individuals may have different symptoms during different attacks. The attacks may differ in length and frequency. Migraine attacks usually last from 4 to 72 hours and most people are free from symptoms between attacks. Migraine can have an enormous impact on your work, family and social lives. The two common types of migraine are:

•Migraine with aura
•Migraine without aura.

The ‘migraine with aura’ label is also used for some of the rarer forms of migraine which includes symptoms like loss of balance, double vision, or fainting can occur.
In Migraine without aura, the headache is usually on one side of the head with a throbbing or pulsating pain which affects your normal daily life and will worsen when you take every day exercise such as walking or climbing stairs.
About 75 percent of all migraine sufferers have a family history of this debilitating problem. The complex condition is thought to be caused by changes in brain chemicals. Some potential triggers for a migraine are allergies, stress, smoking, alcohol, bright lights, loud noises, strong smells, skipping meals, dehydration, irregular sleep, poor posture, low blood sugar and hormonal fluctuations.

Though there is no known cure for migraines, you can try some natural home remedies to get relief from migraine headaches and reduce their frequency. They are:
•Apple cider Vinegar: Consumption of apple cider vinegar helps to reduce migraines.
•Ice pack: Using an ice pack is perhaps the most popular home remedy to get rid of tension as well as migraine headaches.
•Chamomile: Chamomile has anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and soothing properties that help relieve migraines.
•Ginger: A 2013 study published in Physiotherapy Research indicates that ginger may prove effective in the treatment of common migraines.


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