We adopt a practical approach by taking into consideration the exact problem of the victim and provide a satisfactory demo before selling our products.Each and every individual is assisted in the best possible way. Usually, the cause of manas- rog headaches, the so-called migraine headaches, if not captured in any modern pathological or other test, should be considered beyond bodily jurisdiction, i.e. within the circuit of mind. This is the only reason, the manas-rog migraine headache victims are left helpless, because the perfect treatment is hidden in the elimination of migraine causes. On this principle, We work dedicatedly to relive our clients from headaches and the results start to come within 30 mins of very first application, by virtue of manas-paras yog.

What do we do to reduce headache related problems?

  • Manas-Paras Yog has three steps involved as under:
    (a)   External application of any certain plant energy on head and forehead area.
    (b)   Certain breathing exercises at the time of application.
    (c)   Lastly, Lot of rest is needed to meditate in a comfortable posture and zone that’s all.
  • We often notice that our clients are unable to execute Manas-Paras Yog perfectly at their own.
  • In order to assist them, we have opened a factory outlet of our products for demo and  help center to genuinely aid our customers to get rid of headaches.
  • Simultaneously, we educate our customers by providing them the necessary information and training on the application of our products.
  • Normally, the application, as said above,  may continue for at least 1,3,5,7,11,21 or more days as per the severity of headaches. It doesn’t mean that a chronic disease,  say,  40 year old problem will take months and years to migraine cure.It may get cured within 3 days and sometimes a problem which is 2 or 3 years old may take 21 or more days to get cured. There is somewhat different story behind it.
  • Our dedicated activities allow  the customers to feel the divine powers of nature.
  • At the end, a few words of advice from us. One should Protect self from the extremities of anger, jealousness, ego and greed etc.
  • If mind is pure, life is pure. Thus, be natural, be practical and go ahead with full confidence.